Yamaha stagea

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Yamaha stagea

It is a lightweight and compact structure that can be disassembled into the main unit, pedals, stands, speakers, and can be played in places you want to play.

Presets a rich timbre where you can find the sound you want to play. Also equipped with Super Articulation Voice to reproduce the breath of wind instruments and the fricative sound of strings. The organ adopts a versatile tone that can be expressed from jazzy songs to classicals.

"James Bond Theme" - Alex Payler performs live on the YAMAHA Electone Stagea ELS-02C

Furthermore, you can enjoy not only the preset sound but also the sound as you like. Presets different rhythms for various genres of music. You can choose the rhythm according to the song, as well as you can edit it freely. It is also possible to make your own rhythm from scratch. You can realize your own performance with your own rhythm. Registration is a function that can set tone and rhythm in advance.

(Brand new )STAGEA ELS-02X Professional (including ELSU-S02C)

You can call it instantaneously at any time by pressing the Registration Memory button. For musical instruments, you can preset rich menus that you can call easily by selecting from music genres, you can immediately play the song you want to play.

Registration you created yourself can be saved in the USB flash memory. Depending on the strength of key strokes, the strength of the sound, the expression of the tone color changes, the initial touch, after touching the keyboard, aftertouch which controls sound quality, volume, pitch is equipped.

The splash screen is not installed so cannot be activated

Delicate musical expression with the fingertip is possible. By using the foot controlled pedals, you can express your guitar chalking and saxophone bend-up style as you wish. Expression pedal right.

Second expression pedal left. Equipped with a large 7-inch large-sized LCD panel for easy viewing. From the selection of sound, effect, rhythm to control and edit, intuitive with the touch panel, you can operate without stress. You can save the performance as it is to the USB flash memory as an audio file. You can listen to music with a portable music player or send it to friends for sharing.

Because it is divided into main unit, pedal unit, stand, speaker, chair, it can be carried easily for each unit. Fold the attached chair compactly. You can feel free to play anywhere. The voice guide is a function to read out the display contents of the screen and the operation executed by voice. Even those with visual disabilities can enjoy abundant functions. When using the voice guide, you need to connect the USB flash memory that contains the voice guide file to the instrument.

Therefore, I will send you an English version manual by e-mail. It is a new article, an unused item, and it has all genuine boxes and accessories. These products are goods for Japanese markets.

Therefore Instructions manuals are Japanese. Therefore, DHL driver will carry this product when goods arrive, so please support reception.

yamaha stagea

Products will be delivered to the address you specify. Such as home or office.The new ELS model has been designed with a monochromatic color scheme to reflect the interior design trends that have changed over the 10 years since the first model was produced.

To enable the player to concentrate on performance, visibility has been improved by grouping and sorting buttons into black areas that have clearly printed text and contrast with the bright panel. The concept has continued to develop through the adoption of expansion units.

yamaha stagea

The Electone STAGEA is a series of electronic organs manufactured by Yamaha that allows the player to use both hands and both feet to play two sets of manuals and a pedalboard to perform various styles of music ranging from orchestral to rock. Yamaha released the ELS, the first model in this series, in The ELS was designed to fit in the home and on the stage, with a modular structure and design features that reflected the interior design trends of that time.

Now that 10 years have passed, we felt that the value of the STAGEA series would be enhanced by further emphasizing its concepts while bringing it up to date with the trends of modern interior design. We changed the overall color scheme of the ELS from warm colors to sharp, achromatic colors. As a result, the difference between modules has become clear, the functional components such as buttons have been clearly differentiated to make them easier to use, and playability has been improved.

In addition, the upper part of the ELS is enclosed in a U-shape with bright glossy white components so that it looks impressive on stage. I believe that by continually striving to create instruments that are faithful to the STAGEA concept, we can produce instruments that can be enjoyed for a much longer time. Yamaha Design Toggle navigation.

Timeless The new ELS model has been designed with a monochromatic color scheme to reflect the interior design trends that have changed over the 10 years since the first model was produced. Making the concept clearer, taking it to a deeper level. View products with the same design keyword Timeless 27 Harmony 44 Reconstruction 33 Intuitive You will need to use a power converter to use this Electone in your country.

Now We can ship this brand new Electone to your door if you are in the following countries via Express Air. If your location is not availble for door to door shipping services you should still be able to recieve this product via sea port to sea port shipping.

yamaha stagea

Please let us know your port name to check shipping cost. Simply let us know where you need the item sent before you proceed and we can respond with the exact shipping cost. You then just need to add the shipping cost to the item purchased before paying. Cover up to JPYfixing cost within 1 year. Size including box. Pedal Unit. Speaker Unit. Customer Feedback from Marco From Switzerland. Many thanks. Many thank.

ELSX Sold! Many thanks! We ship to one of the country in Europe. We shipped to Wiltz Luxembourg. Via Sea Freight Many thanks. Member Registration. Back to: Electone. Ask a question about this product.

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Yamaha Stagea v Wersi Sonic. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next.

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I have heard both but played neither. When Max Takano plays I presume anything would sound good but the Yamaha sounded amazing. The flutes were hardly heard but the ochestrals were fantastic. The Wersi as expected has great drawbar sounds but since V2. Anyone heard both?

What is your view? Which would you buy? Tags: None. Can't see the Wersi - the Yam is a nice organ but to my ears has always seemed very shrill and brittle when i have heard it in concert but you must consider the wonderful fun you might have if anything went wrong.

Don't think you would find Yamaha UK particularly interested in helping you out! Comment Post Cancel. If organs are your forte then Yamaha is not for you, The Genos has the best organ sounds ever from Yamaha but it still falls short of all the competition if orchestral is your thing then Yamaha have always been good at this, as to the Sonic, if you can get it rolled back to the V1.

If you go for a TRX system then remember the Genos was never designed as an organ, and while the work-arounds used in the TRX system helps smooth things over, it is no substitute for a proper organ OS.

That Stagea must have moved immediately since there are no now. I would have gone for the Stagea but it's probably a hard one to choose. Organs sounds are easy to add as the HX-3 or the KeyB modules.

One signinficant drawback on the Electone vs Wersi though i less keys. RogerM commented.

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Last edited by RogerM ;AM.When you buy from us you will recieve the personal assistance of our keyboard, piano, and organ specialists. Available via phone, email, and in-store 6 days-a-week for FREE!

A huge amount of exceptionally high-quality Voices — altogether — created with the AWM Advanced Wave Memory tone generation system. The authentic touch response keyboard lets you play these Voices with all expressiveness and control of an actual acoustic instrument. There are different effect types in 15 categories that you can apply to each Voice section, letting you enhance and even completely change the character of the Voices, without needing to use the Voice Edit features. The exceptionally wide selection of rhythms lets you choose exactly the rhythm you need for your performance.

Each Rhythm contains 15 sections — such as Main, Fill, Intro, Ending and Break — that you can easily switch whilst you play to make your performance sound even more dynamic and professional. Each rhythm has its own matching accompaniment divided into five instrument parts, providing basic backing as well as embellishments. The Registration Menu buttons feature a total of registrations, allowing you to instantly set up the DDK-7 for playing your favorite types of music.

The Registrations in the Registration Menu are divided into six basic categories for ease of selection. Moreover, you can edit any of the Registrations and customize them to fit your own performance needs. This large LCD display not only lets you clearly see a wide selection of settings and parameters at almost any angle, it also serves as a touch control panel letting you intuitively make selections and adjust settings simply by touching the screen!

Once you touch a setting, you can even adjust it in finer detail if necessary using the Data Control dial. In addition, the MDR allows you to copy a song from one USB flash memory device to another, letting you archive your important recordings and registration data.

The Organ Flutes feature allows you to create your own organ Voices, giving you access to an unlimited combination of organ sounds. With this function, you can recreate all the classic organ sounds by adjusting the flute footage levels and the percussive sounds, just like on conventional organs. There are nine flute footage settings, with three additional footage settings for the attack sound.

Website design by Technique Web. Coronavirus Update: All deliveries operating as normal unless stated otherwise. We cover you with a FULL month warranty. Handbooks, music rests and cables included. Phone and email support 6 days a week to help you find your way around your new instrument. Click here to request a part exchange. Categories: Used OrgansYamaha Organs. Know who you're buying from Dynamic, Contemporary Rhythm and Auto Accompaniment The exceptionally wide selection of rhythms lets you choose exactly the rhythm you need for your performance.

Wide Variety of Registration Menus The Registration Menu buttons feature a total of registrations, allowing you to instantly set up the DDK-7 for playing your favorite types of music.

Organ Flutes Voice The Organ Flutes feature allows you to create your own organ Voices, giving you access to an unlimited combination of organ sounds. Add to cart. All rights reserved. FREE UK mainland delivery: Our specialist team will safely install your instrument to a ground floor room of your choice.The Electone allows you to create and enjoy those moments when music resonates with your emotions, and then to share the inspiration with your friends.

Using your whole body to control the music you love is the best part of playing the Electone. It has three keyboards that allow you to express your emotions, and features a wide variety of high quality sounds and rhythm patterns that let you play any kind of music you want.

Attract people around you with performances that use your whole body. Share your performances to connect with the world at large, or try playing along with other musical instruments. You can even use the Electone to create entirely new music! The Electone is the perfect musical partner for anyone from beginning players just starting out to those who demand authentic expression.

Featuring three keyboards, super voices, and cutting-edge technology, this instrument will make your musical dreams come true. You can assign sounds to the upper and lower keyboards and the pedals individually. The huge range of genres the Electone is able to play means that it is full of rhythms and sounds from around the world, ensuring that you will be able to find a combination that suits the music you want to play.

Simply choose some sounds and rhythms and then enjoy playing music with your whole body.

Preowned Yamaha Stagea Organ D Deck DDK-7

The Electone allows you to play any kind of music you want and expressyour emotions to the full. A comprehensive range of contents such as Electone scores and data in a variety of genres enhance your enjoyment of the Electone. You can save voice and rhythm data on USB to take with you and play the same performance anywhere you go. Performances can be saved as-is to USB for playback on portable music players, or even shared with friends.

A compact, portable and high-performance Electone, suitable for both serious practice and live playing. Stylish and High-Performance. The compact body is easy to set up and take down.

It is so portable that you can enjoy performing in style wherever you like! Keyboard Instruments Toggle navigation. Take your enjoyment of music—and your own potential—to all-new highs!

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Enter Archived Product Name. Special Contents.The Yahoo! Complete information can be found by clicking here. Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Ebay Classic organs. This topic is closed. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. Tags: None. A very negative approach when marketing new instruments.

They send all sorts of other musical instruments to the UK, so what's the problem with organs? I am currently looking at the DGX but it's a compromise buy Not a solution. I am quite certain that the cutting edge looks of the Stagea would appeal If given the chance.

Comment Post Cancel. No expensive EU conformity to worry about.

yamaha stagea

I've explained this before, but it's worth repeating for newer members of the forum. Yamaha in the UK would love to have the small and large Stagea models, plus the D-Deck, on sale over here. However, to meet EU electrical and electronic regulations would require either EU certification expensive - last time I checked it was tens of thousands of Pounds for each model or extensive testing in house to comply with self certification rules. Then, because the EU spec models would be different to the Japanese models, it would require the setting up of a separate production line.

The market for these models in the UK is tiny, a few tens of instruments a year if thatand in Continental Europe it's probably not much more across all the EU countries maybe except Germany? Yamaha Japan therefore decided that it's not economically viable to export to the EU - they would lose money. The same things are no doubt true for the US and Canada markets.

If UK buyers want one of these models, then Taro Trade will sort things out and you technically bring it in as a private import, thus getting around type certification etc. I've thought about that myself, seamaster, but I have a sneaky feeling that we'll still be tied into existing regulations on this. I'm sure it's something that they might explore, though! It's not what you play. It's not how you play. It's the fact that you're playing that counts.

New website now live - www. Conn Martinique and Gulbransen Pacemaker. Kimball Temptation.


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