Warframe weapons sorted by damage

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Warframe weapons sorted by damage

Asked by GrazeZeroLow. Good morning, Tenno. With raid rewards being shifted to the new Eidolons, it's time I break my backside into defeating those damn things. Up to this point, I've only harvested the little buggers at night. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. The fight almost goes twice as fast when I'm not the only person using a T3 amp.

Probably as long as someone has a T3 amp you'll make it through all of the Teralyst Trio each night as long as everyone has a passable weapon. For weapons everyone has already made a lot of good suggestions, pretty much any good critical damage weapon modded for radiation would work but I think snipers are the best.

The combo counter on them lets them easily surpass damage from weapons like Opticor after a few shots even if you miss the synovias. Having the highest firerate of all snipers helps alot there too.

Weapon Types

Best weapons: stuff that deal puncture and radiation damage. Opticor and lanka are common choices. It's the usual setup people are starting to cry about.

Squad: it's easy to get into a proper squad in recruit, you don't even need mic. However most will ask for the aforementioned setup.

warframe weapons sorted by damage

I heard on some stream that is fixed? Weapon coices are almost only interesting for the Chroma, because he does the major damage with his abilities. Actually, shooting through Volt's shield makes almost any weapon I take effective. Dera, Quartakk, Cestras, etc.

The Teralyst attacks are all telegraphed and easily avoidable in operator mode. Definitely snipers have a niche here.Warframe is a complicated game, there are a lot of things to understand which might overwhelm a new player. There are damage types, different factions that have a different vulnerability, different elements and a lot of other stuff. We were doing pretty well, the boss had a fraction of health left, I and one other squadmate were already dead.

So that is how much of a difference a right build can make. We failed that sortie mission, but he learned his lesson. Damage dealt by players will show up on the HUD, this number is a combination of both primary damage and elemental damage. The damage indicators are as follows:.

warframe weapons sorted by damage

Warframe has two damages: Primary and Elemental. I am going to cover both of these in detail below. Most weapons in the game have a combination of three damage types — Impact hammerPuncture a pin puncturing a wheeland Slash a blade. The overall damage dealt by a weapon is a sum of all these damage types.

One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot add physical damage to a weapon that deals no physical damage. Some weapons such as Glaxion or Phage can deal no physical damage.

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A weapon that deals physical damage can deal elemental damage with the usage of Elemental damage mod. Creating these elements requires the mixing of two different elements. The Elemental damage can be buffed further with the usage of mods or dual stat mods. A weapon can have innate combined elemental damage type such as Blast for Lenz.

But if the weapon does only physical damage, you can add elemental damage using an elemental mod. The order in which you put your mods in also matters. The hierarchy is from left to right top to bottom. You can put multiple combined elemental damages types in a single weapon. More about elemental combinations and what combination is best for what faction in the article below.

The above explanation was just to give you an example of how modding works. Weapons that already have innate combined elements such as Penta BlastNukor Radiation and Detron Radiation will always deal their own damage type. This cannot be changed by tweaking around with mods, though you can add another combined elemental damage type.

For example, I can add Blast damage on top of the radiation damage to my Nukor as shown in the picture below. As you can see in the picture above, Slash damage is good for enemies with high flesh health, corrosive is good for enemies with high armor and so on. Table of Contents. All articles written on the website are my own. There might be a few mistakes as well since English is not my first language. Thank you very much for visiting Warframe. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Disclaimer: The following classifications are player made, and may not reflect how DE classifies each weapon.

In Warframethere are five main categories of weapons: primary, sidearm, and melee. This post will teach you the generalized stats among those weapons. Due to the variety of weapons in each category. If you are interested in a particular weapon you should find it's weapon's individual page, each weapon's individual page will be linked in this page, just click the weapon's name.

These weapons share the following few traits:. These weapons share the following traits:. Includes the launchers OgrisToridPenta and Miter.

Includes only the Javlokthe Ferrox and the Scourge. These weapons vary greatly from each other, so visit their specific pages to find out more. Includes KrakenSicarusSicarus Prime. Includes Angstrum and Stug. Includes BallisticaBallistica Rakta. Includes Staticor. Because there is only one of its kind here is a link to the weapon directly. Please use that to find out information about the Staticor. Includes Kohmakand Pyrana. Includes Akbroncoand Akbronco Prime.

Includes Twin Kohmak. Please use that to find out information about the Twin Kohmak.This popular free to play game tasks you with clearing sections of the solar system for sweet loot and cool cosmetics. When the game mentions that you are a master of both guns and blades, there is no exaggeration.

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Melee weapons are some of the most powerful weapons in the entire game, taking out the toughest of targets in a couple of hits.

Better yet, nearly every melee weapon has been overhauled with a recent updateevening the playing field and making nearly every melee weapon amazing. Heavy Blades, in general, saw a reduction in their damage overall with the Melee 3.

Its large base range and its incredible status and critical chance allow this weapon to be built however the user wants. Great stances like Cleaving Whirlwind allow for plenty of damage. Tempo Royale is also an amazing pick if you want to be more mobile with a sword the size of your character. The fact the Gram Prime is still this strong despite its overall nerf shows how powerful this weapon was and still is.

A surprise to see on here, but the Prisma Obex are very powerful after the melee overhaul.

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Sparring stances are much better compared to before and the range on fist weapons has been increased by over 5 times in some cases. What makes the Prisma Obex special, however, is its ability to use the exclusive Entropy Detonation mod.

This allows the Obex to cause enemies to explode for a percentage of their total life, making these an infinitely scaling option in any mission you play. With the range buff and great base stats, these weapons can reliably crit and proc status effects. Run blast on these things to knock the enemy on the floor to reliably activate the Entropy Detonation effect. This weapon received a complete in terms of strength.

With the range buff all short-ranged melee weapons got, the Fang Prime went from being rusty sporks into devastating Dual Daggers. Dual Dagger stances could be better, lacking the mobility of other weapon types, but the amount of multistrikes and critical hits you will see with this weapon is mindblowing.

Farm a pair of these as soon as you can. The Nikana Prime was always good.Multishot is an added effect to firearms that affects the number of pellets bullets, projectiles, bolts, etc.

The effectiveness of Multishot is also affected by a weapon's Accuracy stat see article for details. However, this behavior is not universal to all weapons. Critical multiplier also benefits off of Multishot damage, as the Critical chance is calculated after Multishot damage. When it comes to shotguns or select rifles and pistolsthey fire multiple pellets per shot and thus gain a bigger benefit from Multishot mods in the process.

Should the total pellet count be a fraction, the fractional part will be a chance to fire one more pellet. Note that the in-game UI will show the sum of all the pellets' damage, so actual damage may be lower on weapons with large spreads where some pellets may miss entirely. In addition, Riven Mods with Sati or Can in their names will also grant bonuses to Multishot, but due to their randomized stats it possible to get a Riven Mod with negative Multishot instead.

This section contains tables showing how multishot affects weapons with innate Multishot that is, they fire multiple projectiles per shot. For all other weapons, consult the above equation. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. Multishot Modifier refers to the total value of all related mods added together. Multishot Mods Edit. Post the equation please. Toa of wiki.

warframe weapons sorted by damage

Crit doesn't scale with multishot the way status does. Either all your shots crit or none of them do.

Top 10 Warframe Best Primary Weapons (And How to Get Them)

Either all your shots crit or none of t A Lone Tenno. The damage displayed in the arsenal includes the average bonus through multishot. Categories :. Cancel Save.The Old War found humanity facing a technologically superior force, and their own weapons were turned against them.

Melee and ballistic weapons, inspired by primitive counterparts, became part of the Tenno arsenal to circumvent the Sentient interference of more technologically-involved weaponry. Weapons can be leveled up for more mod capacity to apply more mods and increase capability. There are three main weapon types used by Warframes: Primary, Secondary, and Melee weapons.

Sentinels also have a single weapon that is leveled up independently. Mastery Points are only awarded once per rank, per weapon; once a rank has been completed, doing it again with another copy of the weapon or using a Forma to reset the weapon's rank gives no extra Mastery Points.

Some weapons, mainly pistols, have dual wielded versions, but these are for all purposes distinct weapons and also have their own Mastery Points. A weapon's Mod capacity is equal to the higher of either the weapon's rank or the player's Mastery Rank. An Orokin Catalyst can be installed to double the weapon's capacity, for a new maximum of All weapons have 8 Mod slots, and melee weapons have an additional Stance slot, which can be used to further expand the capacity.

A new player will have the choice of 6 different weapons in the Vor's Prize tutorial, 2 from each weapon slot. In this section are blueprints that require weapons as crafting ingredients without mentioning their components.

The weapons on the left side are consumed in the process of crafting the weapon on the right. The Dual KamasTipedoBolto and Akbolto are special cases in that they are both products and ingredients on this list; be careful not to sell any of these if you want to craft them. Last updated: Update Update 7. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Comparison Damage Mastery Rank Cosmetics. Contents [ show ]. Update 9. You no longer need to remove the mod from weapon X to equip in weapon Y, it will appear in the UI for you now. Soma as spool 6 messages. A Lone Tenno.

warframe weapons sorted by damage

Spool means that as it's shooting or charging something changes. The Soma is a spool weapon. The Soma Prime has a very low spool time so you may not notice it. Soma spools up to max fire rate after 8 roun No, it w Categories :. Boltace melee.It can also ward plenty of new players away with its plethora of confusing systems and lacking tutorial. Along with that, the game gets progressively harder if players do not use good weapons or mods. While good mods are importanta good weapon is equally as important.

No Warframe can shoot streams of lightning out of their fingertips as well as the Amprex can. Well, maybe Volt but he needs a specific build to become a beast like this weapon is.

The Amprex is an assault rifle that shoots crackling beams of arcing electricity, chaining between targets that get caught in its path. You'll need to be part of a clan to access this weapon, but once you obtain this blueprint, prepare to create one of the best mob-slaying weapons in the game.

Mod this thing for corrosive and it will strip down heavy target's armor, allowing you to finish it off with an ability or another weapon.

Weapon Comparison

Bows are gimmicky in most video games, either being too slow for the fast-paced action on the screen or being grossly overpowered in stealth games. Warframe finds a great balance between the two. High critical stats mean this thing will bleed the largest of foes if it critically hits, and it will all of the time if modded properly. Hunter munitions can also be installed if you want to potentially slash an enemy 2 to 4 times—if using multishot—per arrow.

Once the Stalker drops this amazing bow, it will be all you will use for quite some time.

THE STRONGEST WEAPON IN WARFRAME - Warframe: Built to Destroy - Series Finale

The Hek shotgun is one of the first shotguns players can obtain, only requiring a mastery rank of 4 and very few resources. Do not let its low cost fool you that it's weak, however. This is one of the strongest shotguns in the game, dealing a massive base damage per shot! For a small amount of effort, any new player can clear the entire star chart with this beast of a shotgun. Can't decide if you want to use a semi-auto or burst fire weapon? What about using a full-auto rifle?

Instead of debating what 3 weapons you should craft, just create the Tiberon Prime. This rifle has 3 distinct fire modes: full-auto, burst, and semi-auto. It's rather easy to farm as well, with the only restriction being its rather high mastery rank requirement of Still, this is one of the best and most versatile weapons in the game.

Those who love bows but aren't focused on using stealth in their gameplay should check out the Lenz. This unwieldy bow deals an obscene amount of damage in a large area. That's right, this thing shoots explosive bolts that detonate after a short delay in a large area.

It also has an inbuilt ammo mutator that converts all ammo drops into bow ammo, allowing you to focus on damage mods when customizing this weapon.

High critical stats that are tied with the Dread allow this thing to proc Hunter Munitions easily, piercing armor with absurdly strong slash procs. Just don't get caught in the blast radius, however, or all but the toughest of Warframes will instantly perish to the massive explosion. Getting this augmented flamethrower is rather odd, as its blueprint can only be obtained from clans who participated during an event that occurred years ago.

Because of this, all you need to do to obtain this weapon is ask nicely in trade chat. No, really. Most clans will give this weapon out for free. Those who own it know of its massive range and ability to pierce bodies with its innate punch though.


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